What your next project might look like. Learnings from ioT World Congress (2/2)

Azure Value Added

This is the second out of four articles about our learnings after the ioT Solutions World Congress.
Above you can see the infographic that I found most instructive about how ioT Works, and your ioT Project would follow very similar steps:

1. The first step is to connect things:
The data that all Smart devices are already gathered is sent to the cloud.  As Microsoft already explains in their article “future of cloud“, The intelligent Edge is a continually expanding set of connected systems and devices that gather and analyze data—close to your users, the data, or both. AI and cognitive services are already integrated, so that the data is properly processed. For the cases that security is already vital Microsoft has developed Azure Sphere, a secured system that includes a proprietary microcontroller that Works together with a specific operating system and cloud connection. 

2. Then, you can capture the real insights about what is happening to the device users:
The most trending example about insight capturing is the digital twin. The digital twin is a 3D ultra-realistic replication of the real assets (streets, buildings, machinery, products). The aplications are endless, for example you can combine the real 3D measurements with the models and predictive algorithms in order to better prevent failures or safety risks. The ioT hub is the central message hub that communicates with the devices bi-directionally. All these data are processed in real time (stream processing) and also stored.

3. Finally, all this learnings can be used to take actions:
Let’s take retail sector as an example. The first typical application are smartshops without queues for doing the check-out. However, this must not necessarily mean less Jobs in the sector. There may be new jobs like shop assistants that add more value. The reason is that there will be a more clear picture about the real customer needs, based on the information obtained through ioT and processed in the cloud.

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