What your next project might look like. Learnings from ioT World Congress (1/2)

This is the first out of four articles about our learnings after the ioT Solutions World Congress.
In this one I’d like to summarize our general conclusions from the congress, exhibits and side events that took place:
1. Hybrid transformation is the new digital transformation:
The companies that are on track with their digital transformation are now on a new step. Physical to digital integration. This is the reason that terms like Industry 4.0, Internet of Things and Big Data are now becoming mainstream.
2. There is no more excuses to become really customer-centered:
The companies that adapt themselves to know better how customers behave offline, will become the new market leaders. If it was irresponsible in the past not to become digital, now it will not be enough. Everyone B2C company should already have a Project portfolio with several projects blending and hybridizing online and offline data.
3. High growth of Projects that integrate software with hardware and mechanics:
In the previous years, companies were relying on the online data in order to know what are the customer needs. This is not valid anymore. Now the opportunity is to obtain the insights from the offline world. The growth we observed at software and internet projects in the last two decades, will now reach the physical world, where other skillset more related to physics knowledge will be needed.

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